woman sitting alone in room concerned about spotting painkiller abuse

Spotting Painkiller Abuse

Prescription painkillers, especially opioids, are some of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States. Because these drugs are legally prescribed, their presence can seem innocuous in people’s homes. When painkiller abuse goes unaddressed, however, the consequences can be heartbreaking. Learn how to spot the signs of painkiller abuse so that you can help…

young woman lost in thought wondering if she is capable of recognizing marijuana withdrawal

Recognizing Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. As it becomes legalized for medical and recreational use in more and more states, it is becoming more socially acceptable. But this does not mean it is harmless; alcohol is a legally and socially acceptable substance, and the destructive nature of alcoholism is…

young man seated in darkened room struggling with the physical effects of cocaine

Physical Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is a well-known recreational drug, often featured in Hollywood movies or evening crime procedural TV dramas. However, it is also very real and present in communities across America and is causing significant harm to individuals, their families, and their larger communities. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can very quickly cause feelings of euphoria…

doctor explaining the types of prescription drugs to patient

What Are the Types of Prescription Drugs?

Most people associate the use of illicit drugs with addiction, but many commonly abused drugs are perfectly legal to use with prescriptions. Understanding the types of prescription drugs is an excellent first step in awareness of prescription drug abuse. A prescription drug rehab center near you can help you and your loved ones learn about…

woman taking other woman's hand as she explains the 5 benefits of iop

5 Benefits of IOP

Going through addiction recovery can require people to set boundaries for their own self-care. For those who have family, social, and work obligations, focusing on recovery may fall to the wayside. An intensive outpatient program in Murrieta, CA, can offer the consistent support needed to maintain recovery outside of rehab. At Solution Based Treatment &…

one woman explaining common misconceptions about addiction to another woman

Common Misconceptions about Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a subject that not many would want to talk about in “normal” circumstances. The stigma surrounding the topic is, unfortunately, what discourages many from seeking the help that they need. The good news is, addiction treatment centers near San Diego, CA, can give you and your loved ones important…

woman reaching out to explain the importance of finding sober peer support

The Importance of Finding Sober Peer Support

People who have completed drug or alcohol rehab can have difficulty re-integrating back into their “normal” lives. This can be due to necessary changes in environment, social circles, and family relationships. Distancing yourself from old habits and friends can be challenging, but a sober living program near Los Angeles, CA, can keep you focused and…