addiction counseling

5 Reasons to Get Addiction Counseling

Recognizing that you or a loved one may be dealing with addiction can be scary and difficult. Addiction often takes hold quietly and without permission. It can affect those who may have previously sworn to never fall victim to addiction. Acknowledging that there is a problem, however, can lead to finding the right solutions. Addiction…

cocaine overdose

Signs of a Cocaine Overdose

Those who use cocaine may not know how dangerous this drug can actually be. Cocaine use can be damaging to your health, relationships, and financial situation. More than that, cocaine overdose claims the lives of thousands of people every year. Knowing the warning signs of cocaine overdose can be the first step in saving lives.…

codependency and family

Codependency and Family

While family relationships can be a source of great strength and comfort, unhealthy habits can cause strain within families. Addiction and mental health symptoms can cause family members to behave in ways that seem out of character. It can feel confusing and upsetting for those involved. However, with the right support, every family can find…

women and addiction

How Addiction Affects Women

When treating women’s addiction, it’s vital to address the unique gender-specific issues that contribute to substance abuse. It’s true that a higher percentage of men use and abuse substances, but a higher percentage of women move from casual drug use to a full-blown addiction where they rely on the drug or alcohol to function. This…

benefits of outpatient care

Understanding the Benefits of Outpatient Care

Being able to sleep in your own home while you complete an addiction treatment program can have many benefits. The truth is that everyone has a different work and life balance. Many people have work and family responsibilities that prevent them from enrolling in 24/7 residential inpatient care. Outpatient care can be an excellent option…

sober Thanksgiving

Enjoying a Sober Thanksgiving

Fall is in the air, which means some of the most significant traditional holiday celebrations of the year are right around the corner. For those in recovery, the idea of managing your sobriety at holiday gatherings, like Thanksgiving, can make you feel extra anxious or even plain scared. On the other hand, it’s important to…

alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Recognizing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Being able to recognize and deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms isn’t easy. Receiving treatment and support at an inpatient alcohol detox center like Solution Based Treatment can give you or a loved one the best medically supervised treatment available to deal with the difficult withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. The emotional and physical distress experienced…

benefits of addiction aftercare

5 Benefits of Addiction Aftercare

Staying sober after receiving treatment for addiction can be challenging. Even if you avoid situations where drinking and drugs will be present, fighting temptation may still be a struggle. Addiction can destroy someone’s life. That includes job loss, family conflict, homelessness, and financial problems. The triggers created by substance use disorders cause a person to…