Relapse prevention groups

Why Relapse Prevention Groups are so Important for Maintaining Sobriety

When someone has completed a rehab program, they may feel a mix of emotions upon returning home. Excitement, victory, anxiety, and nerves can make the return home overwhelming. A relapse prevention group can give you solidarity and help fill any “gaps” in your schedule that you may have otherwise filled with substance use. Fun relapse…

group of men and women outdoors on a sunny day engaging in common and fun group relapse prevention activities

Common and Fun Group Relapse Prevention Activities

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may be difficult for them to envision a life without substance use. Having something to look forward to while being part of something creative can make a big difference in relapse prevention. Fun relapse prevention group activities can give people practice with new skills, explore new…

older man consoling troubled young man and explaining how to get someone into rehab

How to Get Someone into Rehab

When someone you care about has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be very difficult to watch them deal with the side effects. You may want to get them into rehab, but it’s important to understand that getting someone into rehab should not be done by force or through aggressive tactics. Addiction treatment…

confident young man who experienced getting through a meth comedown safely and successfully

Getting Through a Meth Comedown Safely and Successfully

Those who use meth do so for its quick-acting energy boost and euphoria. However, this kind of “borrowing” of energy comes with a price. Getting through a meth comedown safely and successfully is not easy. When you experience comedown from meth, you can find a substance abuse treatment center near you for resources and services.…

friends and family gathered around distraught young man as they practice how to successfully stage an intervention for drug addiction

How to Successfully Stage an Intervention for Drug Addiction

Nobody wants to confront a loved one about drug addiction. This kind of conversation can be difficult to navigate, as addiction is an emotionally-fraught topic. However, suppose someone is destroying their own life or the lives of others. In that case, it is crucial they are given the opportunity to change and take responsibility. Intervention…

person seated with bible in their lap and hands clasped in prayer exploring the benefits of faith based addiction recovery

The Benefits of Faith-Based Addiction Recovery

Upon completing rehab, everyone wants to feel confident that they will have a long-lasting recovery. Feeling as though you have a purpose and you belong here can go a long way in keeping you thriving in sobriety. For those who seek a faith-based recovery program, this deeper purpose and meaning may be found through exploring…

young woman seated at her kitchen table putting a coin into a large piggy bank and wondering how much is alcohol rehab

How Much Is Alcohol Rehab?

For those seeking alcohol rehab, the cost of treatment can be a factor in whether or not they’ll seek treatment. Understanding the cost of alcohol addiction treatment and your payment options can help open the door to affordable care. High costs should not be an obstacle that prevents someone from receiving life-saving care. When you reach…

young woman standing on street corner with headphones listening to one of 30 powerful songs about addiction recovery and sobriety

30 Powerful Songs About Addiction Recovery and Sobriety

Cravings, triggers, and low moods during recovery can make it difficult to avoid relapse. When you have a strong set of personal boundaries, with coping tools you can use to back them up, you can tackle these difficulties with more confidence. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox in Murrieta, CA, clients can find holistic care…

female therapist explaining to young woman in office setting the most effective substance abuse treatments

The Most Effective Substance Abuse Treatments

There is no “one size fits all” treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. However, some approaches and methodologies have shown consistent benefits. Understanding your options for substance abuse treatment programs can make it much easier to get started with and stick with recovery. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our team can help you make…