intervention for drug abuse

Importance of Intervention for Drug Abuse

As health and wellness professionals learn more about addiction, communities are able to put a stop to it earlier on, saving lives. This is accomplished through early intervention. Identifying personal triggers and underlying causes of addiction can help stop destructive drug or alcohol use. Solution Based Treatment and Detox in Murrieta, California, offers residents of…

gender and addiction

How Gender Plays a Role in Addiction

Although stereotypes about addiction may suggest that men are more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, people of any gender can and do fall prey to this disease. Gender roles and expectations can feel heavy, which drives some people to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Along with societal expectations, physical…

religion and addiction recovery

How Religion Can Impact Addiction Recovery

The time a person spends recovering from an addiction will be one of the most vulnerable in their life. Then, religion and addiction recovery can be connected to providing additional support that may prove critical to finding success and achieving sobriety. A faith-based recovery program could be an option if you need additional help from…

tips for staying sober

Tips for Staying Sober

Once rehab is finished, and it’s time to get back to your routine, job, and family life, staying sober can come with challenges. To help with ensuring that your sobriety lasts, prepare yourself with a plan and support system. Each individual will have their own set of potential triggers, but addiction specialists can help. At…

residential rehab near los angeles

Finding Residential Rehab near Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large, urban city in Southern California with nearly four million residents. As a famous city in the United States and internationally, many people come to Los Angeles seeking better opportunities for their families. However, drug and alcohol use is common in Los Angeles, with many turning to alcohol or opioids for…