man in suit staring at almost empty bottle

Recognizing Alcoholism in the Workplace

The workplace is not exempt from alcohol addiction. Going out with coworkers for a couple of drinks or throwing a few back at the company holiday party are not uncommon occurrences. But there may be people working right alongside you who are struggling with alcoholism. You can do yourself and coworkers a favor by recognizing…

sober holiday

Enjoying a Sober Holiday on 4th of July

Unfortunately 4th of July celebrations — as with most holidays in the U.S.— tend to revolve around alcohol consumption. You’ve worked hard for your sobriety, and there’s no reason to put it in jeopardy. So, the challenge becomes how to celebrate without worrying about the temptation to drink. Believe it or not, there’s plenty of…

side effects of morphine

Dangerous Side Effects of Morphine

All opioids, like morphine, are naturally derived from the opium poppy plant. Studies show that around 12 percent of people who use prescription opioid drugs develop an addiction, and more than 100 people die every day from opioid overdoses in the United States. These statistics are staggering and why so many people see help through…

family support groups for addiction

Family Support Groups for Addiction

One of the most effective parts of getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is having access to an addiction support group for the person in need of treatment and their family. If you’re a family member of someone struggling with addiction, one who is currently in substance use disorder treatment, or they are in…

signs of codependency

Spotting the Signs of Codependency

Codependent relationships exist when someone influential in your life encourages self-destructive behavior. When you are battling an addiction, this is the last kind of person you want in your life. You want to sever ties with this person (or persons) and the behavior they encourage. At Solution Based Treatment, we work with all of our…