family support groups for addiction

Family Support Groups for Addiction

One of the most effective parts of getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is having access to an addiction support group for the person in need of treatment and their family. If you’re a family member of someone struggling with addiction, one who is currently in substance use disorder treatment, or they are in…

signs of codependency

Spotting the Signs of Codependency

Codependent relationships exist when someone influential in your life encourages self-destructive behavior. When you are battling an addiction, this is the last kind of person you want in your life. You want to sever ties with this person (or persons) and the behavior they encourage. At Solution Based Treatment, we work with all of our…

sober activities

3 Sober Activities for Memorial Day

As summer approaches, many Americans look forward to Memorial Day weekend as a chance to kick back and unwind by gathering with friends and family at backyard parties, barbecues, and more. Unfortunately, these three-day holiday weekends do not encourage sober living and can be difficult for people who suffer from addiction. The temptations can be…

scott-brown-solution-based-treatment hero edit

The Business of Care & the Man Behind the Vision: SBT in the News!

We don’t do this work for the glamour, but it sure is nice to be recognized. Scott Brown, the founder of Solution Based Treatment & Detox in Murrieta, CA, received mention in The Business of Care section of MirrorReview’s latest issue. Read the article here: The Business of Care. Brown has received plenty of accolades…