self medicating with alcohol

Dangers of Self-Medicating with Alcohol

If self-medication feels like the only way to seek relief, our addiction treatment center at Solution Based Treatment and Detox can help you regain what you’ve lost and move on with your life. It might seem like an easy option, but actually addressing the reason you’re drinking can offer long-term relief. People often self-medicate with…

intervention specialist

5 Reasons to Get an Intervention Specialist

Approaching someone with an addiction is hard. You mean well, but the person struggling with an addiction may not see it that way. Plus, what do you say? Unless you’re a trained professional intervention counselor yourself, it’s best to get the assistance of a specialist to help you facilitate intervention for someone you love. At…

childhood trauma and alcoholism

Alcoholism and Childhood Trauma

Unhealed childhood trauma makes it difficult to cope when people experience emotions that are similar to the emotions experienced during the trauma. Being unable to confront and heal from a traumatic experience causes different problems for different people. Sometimes these problems include relying on alcohol to feel numb. Alcohol numbs pain, but it does not…

signs of opioid overdose

Signs of Opioid Overdose

An overdose isn’t always caused by illegal drug use. It can also occur with doctor-prescribed medications. Sometimes an overdose is accidental, and sometimes it’s on purpose. Regardless of how someone got to the point of overdose, the most important thing is to get help. An opioid rehab program like the one at Solution Based Treatment…

suboxone side effects

Common Suboxone Side Effects

If you or a loved one is trying to overcome opioid dependence, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be a very effective treatment option. If you are experiencing treatment-resistant opioid use disorder and continue to relapse, Suboxone may be helpful to you. When used correctly, Suboxone helps block the effects opioids have on the brain. We may…

side effects of benzos

The Side Effects of Benzos

Doctors tend to prescribe benzodiazepines, or benzos, for use by patients that struggle with anxiety and traumatic stress. Benzos don’t generate a high, but rather a feeling of relief, relaxation, and general mood enhancement for someone feeling anxious or stressed. Because of their addictive nature, even the doctors that prescribe the drugs have to get…