individual counseling

Benefits of Individual Counseling

Those who deal with addiction, and their loved ones, may already be aware that recovery takes more than just deciding to quit. Therefore, if you’ve already been through rehab and relapsed, this could be something you’ve learned the hard way. The good news, however, is that addiction specialists and psychologists understand much more about addiction…

healing from trauma

Advice for Healing from Trauma

While addiction is a problem that affects many people, the root of this problem often is traced back to trauma. Traumatic events and situations are not always easy to talk about. Finding those who understand and are committed to your healing can be an important step in addiction recovery. With more mental health and addiction…

family support

The Importance of Family Support

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is often the result of feelings of loneliness and isolation. These feelings may or may not be related to family relationships. Regardless, family relationships are an important source of connection and strength for those seeking recovery. Getting to the root causes of an addiction can take time and patience. People…

signs of benzo addiction

Signs of Benzo Addiction

Drugs that are prescribed to treat people’s anxiety, seizures, or insomnia often contain benzodiazepines, which can be highly addictive. Although these medications are meant to help, addiction can give people more problems than they started with. Consequently, this causes greater stress and feeds into cycles of addiction. The good news is that benzo addiction is…

myths about addiction

Common Myths About Addiction

Common misconceptions about addiction can have a big impact, both on those dealing with addiction and their loved ones. Clearing up any existing misunderstandings can help greatly to reconnect people to those who can help them most in battling addiction. When addressing addiction, it is important to get the perspective of professionals. At Solution Based…

cocaine and mental health

How Cocaine Impacts Mental Health

Addiction to any substance can have an impact on one’s mental health, and cocaine is no exception. Cocaine use comes with challenging physical symptoms, but mental health symptoms are also important to address. Being aware of the effects cocaine abuse can have on your mental health will provide key insights into what is needed for…

Sober Goals

Setting Sober Goals for Recovery

Those seeking recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction have already realized that they are not satisfied with their own habits. Setting goals is an important part of getting sober and staying sober. It helps to have something to work towards and look forward to. However, forming a plan and setting goals can be challenging…