Person wondering, "Is cocaine a stimulant or depressant?"

Is Cocaine a Stimulant or Depressant?

Many different categories exist for classifying drugs. Two of the most common are stimulants and depressants. Is cocaine a stimulant or depressant? In Murrieta, California—and likely elsewhere, too—some drugs exist in more than one category. That is not the case for cocaine, as this drug is purely a stimulant. Understanding what it means for cocaine…

Person lying down and wondering, "Is marijuana a depressant?"

Is Marijuana a Depressant?

One of the most common inquiries regarding marijuana is related to what type of drug it is. Many people wonder, “Is marijuana a depressant?” Depressants are just one category of drugs, with the others being stimulants, opiates, and hallucinogens. People often begin with the question, “Is marijuana a depressant?” because marijuana user stereotypes fit the…

Person dealing with the effects of marijuana and depression

Is Marijuana Making My Depression Worse?

People often use marijuana to feel relaxed and achieve a mellow high. There are also some medically-valid uses for marijuana concerning pain management or chronic ailments. As a result, it may be tempting to think that marijuana use could benefit someone with depression. Beyond whether or not it could be helpful, marijuana is commonly used…

People talking about what to expect in dual diagnosis treatment

What to Expect in Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is when someone has both a substance use disorder and another mental health disorder. Treatment for dual diagnosis is designed to tackle both disorders at once. This approach is more complex than the traditional method of treating each condition independently. Yet despite its complexity, dual diagnosis treatment is vastly preferable for the…

Person wonders, "Is dual diagnosis right for me?"

Is a Dual Diagnosis Right for Me?

“Is dual diagnosis right for me?” It’s a common question for people to ask before seeking substance abuse treatment. From the clinical perspective, it may seem cut-and-dried whether someone has a dual diagnosis or not. Many people seeking treatment, however, may not be formally diagnosed with a mental health disorder or may doubt whether their…

Person asking someone else, "What is a dual diagnosis?"

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

A simple dual diagnosis definition is any time a person is identified as having a substance use disorder and another mental health disorder simultaneously. This dual diagnosis definition also applies to another term: “co-occurring disorders.” In many cases, “dual diagnosis” and “co-occurring disorders” are interchangeable terms as they mean the same thing. Dual diagnosis treatment…

People experiencing the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment

5 Benefits of Dual Diagnosis

Mental health disorders and substance use disorders overlap at high rates. Treating both conditions together is more complex than treating one on its own. Yet failing to address these disorders simultaneously is a recipe for relapse. The benefits of dual diagnosis far outweigh the added challenges of implementing a dual diagnosis program. Whether mental illness…