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Encouraging a loved one to get help for substance use disorder is one of the most difficult conversations imaginable. As a person descends deeper into addiction, this conversation becomes increasingly taxing. Whether you are attempting this conversation for the first time or the last time, confronting a person about their addiction requires more patience and stamina than many people are prepared for. Contact Solution Based Treatment & Detox for information about building an intervention and addiction treatment programs we offer.

Talking About Addiction with a Loved One

Having an effective conversation about a loved one’s addiction starts with a healthy amount of self-awareness. If you are aware of your own triggers, it’s easier to move through them without getting angry. There’s no easy way to begin the discussion and no script to read. Talking to a person about their addiction will probably offend and embarrass them. Your goal in this conversation is to show the person the destructive effect that drugs and alcohol have had on their life. Then offer a hopeful alternative. They may lash out at you. They may lie. Don’t hold their behavior against them; relationship turmoil is a side-effect of addiction.

Intervention Services in Murrieta, CA

Many dangerous symptoms accompany drug and alcohol addictions. One of the most harmful of these symptoms is denial. Simply put, addiction destroys lives. Many of the people who struggle with addiction have a hard time admitting the extent of the problem or even acknowledging that they have a problem at all. This is not their own personal shortcoming; it is a symptom of the disease itself.

Still, it makes it difficult for family members and loved ones who desperately want to see the individual get help but do not know how to approach the subject. After all, when an individual does not take responsibility for his or her actions and does not even acknowledge a problem with addiction, how can addiction recovery even be a topic of conversation?

Intervention at Solution Based

If your family is located in the state of California, SBT can help arrange a face-to-face intervention, where the individual struggling with addiction is present alongside family members and close friends. An intervention counselor is present to moderate the conversation. For families outside California, we can either arrange for a remote intervention or even fly an intervention counselor out for a face-to-face dialogue.

The interventionist will work with the person struggling with addiction and with family members, providing the skills necessary to offer firm yet compassionate support and ultimately urge the individual to seek addiction treatment. The interventionist will also provide an outline of the full intervention process, ensuring families know what to expect.

Some of the specific drug and alcohol intervention programs we offer include:

  • Family interventions
  • One-on-one interventions
  • Guided interventions
  • Group interventions

Beyond the Intervention

The intervention’s goal is for the individual to admit to his or her problem and ask for help in addiction recovery. From there, Solution Based can offer a range of resources—we highly recommend admission into our inpatient recovery program.

At Solution Based, the individual receives an evaluation and a tailored treatment plan to meet their specific needs. From there, the recovery process includes detox, holistic recovery, relapse prevention planning, and lifelong sobriety programs.

We want to help those struggling with addiction to develop the tools they need for genuinely lifelong recovery. That process begins with the acknowledgment of a problem. That may seem impossible right now, but with the help of an intervention specialist, recovery is imminently achievable.

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