addiction therapy programsAddiction affects each person differently. The entire process of treating addiction requires a level of flexibility and customization so that each individual’s needs are addressed. Identifying the symptoms, root causes, and triggers of a disease like addiction takes work. At Solution Based Treatment, we do that work right alongside you. Substance abuse affects every area of a person’s life. This includes their social life, their relationships, their physical and mental health, and their work. There are many addiction treatment programs available to help treat addiction. For those struggling with a substance use disorder, addiction takes over their lives. In fact, of the millions of people in America that find themselves battling addiction every day, only one out of ten seek treatment.

If you or a loved one may need support to overcome addiction, the addiction treatment programs at Solution Based Treatment may be the key to genuine, long-lasting recovery. Contact the SBT treatment team today by calling 833.999.1941 or completing our online form to learn more about how our addiction therapy programs can help you.

What Is Addiction Therapy?

Addiction treatment typically involves a mix of group and individual therapy sessions that focus on teaching the skills needed to avoid triggers and make sobriety their new normal. Behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are the most common types of addiction therapies used to treat those with substance use disorders. These therapeutic modalities complement traditional treatment and have proven an effective way to treat addiction with success.

Types of Addiction Therapy Programs

Some of the addiction therapy programs at SBT include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This therapy focuses on recognizing the patterns of negative thoughts associated with addictions and then learning the skills to control those emotions so that they don’t control you. CBT involves a number of steps that will help you discover why these patterns occur and do the tough work to change your way of thinking to focus on the positive.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – Dialectical thinking is when you observe a situation from different perspectives to learn to react better to that situation. Whatever the issue, whether it be substance abuse or a mental health condition, DBT helps break the issue down into manageable parts. This approach shines a light on every facet of your issue and its negative effects to help you better understand how to overcome them.
  • Group therapy – The psychosocial part of a treatment plan focuses on sharing similar struggles among peers. Group members will typically be recovering from an addiction to the same or similar substances. Each group member can learn from each other, better understand their own addiction, and know what they want out of their recovery.

Addiction Treatment Programs at SBT

To offer the best treatment, it only makes sense that the treatment is offered by caring and professional people. At Solution Based Treatment, addiction treatment and therapy requires more than dedication and commitment; our treatment team has the right temperament, experience, and outlook. This combination helps people get back on their feet and on with their lives.

Choosing a rehab facility might feel overwhelming, but at SBT, we try and make it a seamless process for you or a loved one. In addition to our addiction therapy programs like group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), we offer addiction treatment programs including:

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