Hand of a person that wants to force drug rehab on their loved one

Can Drug Rehab Be Forced?

Here at Solution Based Treatment & Detox, we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their highest potential. A key component of that mission is helping family members and friends both understand addiction and ways they can help their loved ones struggling with substance use disorder. To that end, here’s what parents, family members and friends need to know about compulsory addiction treatment.

People interacting in an intensive outpatient treatment program

Finding the Right Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Murrieta, CA

Addiction is a severe problem widespread throughout California, particularly among adults. In 2022, the rate of substance use disorder (SUD) among young adults—aged 18 to 25—was almost twice that of adults older than 25. However, these adults older than 25 were twice as likely to struggle with alcohol use disorder than problems with illicit drugs.1…

People wondering, "What are early intervention services?"

What Are Early Intervention Services?

Addiction is a serious issue, and early intervention services are essential to recovery. Early intervention services are designed to help individuals recognize their addiction and take steps to address it. But what are early intervention services, exactly? You may have to search for the term “intervention services near me” online to find the answer to…

People wondering, "What is residential treatment?"

What Is Residential Treatment and Who Can Benefit from It the Most?

You may have heard about residential treatment if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. This specialized form of addiction treatment can benefit those who need intensive care and support to recover. But what is residential treatment’s edge over other approaches? It would help if you researched to make a suitable choice for…